For the women lipstick was very important and is a confident booster to look more beautiful in any event. Therefore, lipstick has the colors that show one's personality.
1. Orange.
Lipstick the color of orange radiates the confidence you have. Indicates that you have the nature and behavior of others than the other and conflicting.
2. Pink.
The color of the closest natural lip color. Options lipstick color, indicating that you are honest, sincere and happy if you can please many people.
3. Berry browning
Mysterious and exciting but still can be approached. Sweet but tough and strong.
4. Purple.
Scary, like master, like command and just like your own ways.
5. Glossy Chocolate
Business, indicates that you keep a distance and actually in terms of business. But the sensuous sheen on your lipstick indicates that you are open to persuasion.
6. Rose's parents.
Sexy, passionate and charming. The man likes you as a person and your lips are ripe passionate.
7. Natural and transparent.
Attention to appearance, well groomed and neat. Lipstick color trends come and go but you did not care. You like to remain feminine in nature.
8. Violet and lilac.
Loves life full of surprises and fun-grazed brinkmanship.
9. Dark red.
You are cheerful and likes to liven up and turn on the festive atmosphere. Confident, sophisticated and very female. You know exactly what's good for you and how to get it.

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